Travel Log

For any travel or outdoors-y things that I believe are worth your time (post April 2022).

Cocoa Beach, FL 2022: Space Coast Marathon

Loved walking on the beach with my twin as well. We strolled through Cocoa Beach the day before, enjoyed the race expo, and savored some excellent sushi at Nosh.

Portland, OR: 2022

I made it to Portland, y’all! Travel was uncertain, what with Hurricane Ian bowling over Florida.

Death Valley: Mosaic Canyon

Mosaic Canyon is what is known as a scour and fill canyon. Every few decades, flash floods fill the canyon with gravel from the surrounding mountains.

Death Valley 2022: Panamint Springs & Stovepipe Wells

Wow, it’s been over a week since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. I would like to blame my recent adventures in southern California, but I arrived back in Orlando Thursday morning and have just been taking a few days to recover. No good excuses, other than mental health and R&R. Anyway, a couple of tidbits…