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For my thoughts on the news, politics, parenting, the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything… Just miscellaneous, uncategorized content.

On Drafting

Tonight, I read Tiffany Yates Martin’s post How Writers Revise: Joni B. Cole and Toxic Feedback. It’s not like I’ve ever had the honor of meeting TYM in real life (this is 2023 and we don’t do that anymore), but I take part in Litopia’s Pop Up Submissions as a genii (debate is still on…

The Time to Write

It’s that time of the year again. The sun is out enough to chase away winter grays, both perceived and felt. The air is warm, although still dry enough to crack the skin around knuckles. I’ve traded tea for coffee and pull myself out of bed before the sun to run and read and journal,…

For the Love of Reading

How do we inspire our children to read? We model what it looks like to be an avid reader. It’s a simple answer. If your child never sees you reading or writing, then the act of learning and sharing through the written word becomes synonymous to the drudgeries of the education system. (Sorry, a bit…

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