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The Creation

In the beginning, there is Ama. She is the Flames. She comes first. She comes last. Her Flames can never go out. They have always burned; they will always burn.

Character Profile: Ishna-nan Jarohiri

Despite his frail appearance, Saku was strong, and within thirty seconds, Jaro’s wrist was already twisted backwards, Saku’s hand curled over in imminent victory. “Now,” Saku said through gritted teeth, “it’s just a matter of time. I will wear you down. You will succumb to our friendship.”

Who is Pedra nju-Kisjeki?

The story begins with Pedra nju-Kisjeki. Pedra, daughter of Kisjeki. Pedra is one of the Viðkan, the enslaved people living in suburbs outside the city-states on the planet Minze. Karatus-sub, the suburb outside the capital city, Karatus, has been her home for as long as she can remember. All the Viðkan suffer in suburbs, which…

Excerpt from Chapter 1: The Saral

Once, Pedra watched a child die in the Saral desert. It had been morning. Ceria, the greater star, had just broken free of the horizon, flooding the frigid peaks of sand with warmth and light. No one noticed the girl scampering along the top of a dune, and if they had, what would they have…