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For any short stories, essays, poetry, non-fiction, or absurd Amazon reviews (alright, I’ll admit, the page is poorly named) that I think you would enjoy reading. Or perhaps just ones that I enjoyed writing.


Do you have a friend like mine? Would you like one? I have some to spare 😉 Happy Halloween, y’all. (But this is my year round)


Did I mention I’m bipolar? Some of the poetry I write comes from places the light never touches. That’s ok. Don’t be afraid of those places. But seek help if you find yourself there. You are worth it.


A memory for a beautiful friend who left this world too soon.


The beauty of the storm–the before, the during, the after.


Just an ode to inner demons and the beautiful woman in my life who calls me hers.

walk with me

So often we think in terms of opposites–dark and light, black and white, good and bad. I like to subvert these expectations. Not necessarily to flip them, but instead accept both as necessary parts of a beautiful balance. Call me a hippie or whatever. That me 🙂

Will you?

So I write quite a few poems for my girlfriend. She’s amazing… what can I say?

it is

Can we take a moment to appreciate love? Can I? Every other poet does it at least once, yea?


Massive amounts of appreciation to those who support me, check in on me, and love me through my dark days as well as my highs.


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