Short Stories

For any short stories, essays, poetry, non-fiction, or absurd Amazon reviews (alright, I’ll admit, the page is poorly named) that I think you would enjoy reading. Or perhaps just ones that I enjoyed writing.

A hare with its head turned partially toward the viewer.

The Rabbit

Yarelis was a rulebreaker; always had been and always would be—and all she wanted was to be promoted. She had been chosen to be one of the Rabbits, but as soon as the door of her cage swung open, she tore across the field and pushed off the ball of her foot like she used to when she was a high jumper, wrapping her arms around the lowest branch of a sycamore and pulling herself up.

Breeding Stock

N232 sat in a chair, even though standing would have been just as comfortable, and examined the male specimen before her. He had just finished the procedure, the one he had to do once a week. It couldn’t be missed. It was the reason he was still alive.

Flash 50 Fridays #1

Rules: Story must be exactly 50 words. Must be a complete story (clear beginning, middle, and end). Prompt: For F50F, I’ve chosen the word SECRET as an idea-starter. Take it away. Please share what you write with me! I look forward to seeing your story. Either comment on this post or add the #f50f tag […]