Where the poetry lives or dies or languishes. Whichever.


This poem came to me during a dark time after I selfishly hurt someone very close to me. I wish I could say it was an accident, but I understood what I was doing. Who knew the consequences would be so excruciating? Pride Seeks to prove I am a god, So I twirl ice around […]

depression is

Depression is dark dark dark. Exhaustion. Sadness. An urge to kill yourself and relieve the world of the burden of you. Never forget it. Check in on your friends. Don’t be the one to say “I never thought…. ” Think.

no one

To write authentically is to bare your hidden thoughts to the world.

creative piece

Wrote this poem after receiving criticism for writing a poem about depression and suicidal thoughts. Yes, I understand these concepts are triggering for some. But for others (myself included), these thoughts and struggles are a regular part of our existence.

what is

Simply, this is a poem about longing versus reality.

we died

Found the inspiration for this poem after a long day of work. Ruminated on why I was spending so much time working, and the realization wasn’t pleasant.


Hello, love. You are precious. Don’t let your thoughts tell you otherwise.


Do you have a friend like mine? Would you like one? I have some to spare 😉 Happy Halloween, y’all. (But this is my year round)


Did I mention I’m bipolar? Some of the poetry I write comes from places the light never touches. That’s ok. Don’t be afraid of those places. But seek help if you find yourself there. You are worth it.


A memory for a beautiful friend who left this world too soon.


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