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Note: These reviews were not requested by the authors, and I receive no compensation for posting them.

To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars by Christopher Paolini: Book Review

There are so many ways I could start this review. Most are questions. Can you believe Paolini, the brilliant teen who wrote and marketed Eragon until agents picked it up, is now in his 40s? And writing adult sci-fi? Unrelated, but: is this year zooming by for you as well? It’s the mark of getting…

Brief Answers to the Big Questions: A Review

This week I read Stephen Hawking’s posthumously published Brief Answers to the Big Questions. I would have gone with his classic, but alas, the latter wasn’t in stock at my local library and I already have enough books to fill a fifth bookshelf once I get around to buying one.

The Darkest Child: A Review

Ruthless. Completely ruthless. From the first chapter to the sixty-second. Dear lord, hold onto your butts because this story will bring you to tears, will sicken you with dread.

Man’s Search for Meaning: A Review

I took the weekend off from writing after a strenuous week filled with hours and miles of running and hours and hours of work. Add in the additional stress of imposter syndrome and finishing the last class for my second degree and, yes, I needed a mini mental vacation.

Review: Brother Night by Victor Kelleher

Disclaimer: I generally don’t read middle-grade fiction. It doesn’t quite suit my taste; I yearn for more depth, which I often find wonting in fiction for younger crowds.

Review: The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty by Amanda Filipacchi

Genre: Contemporary, magic(al) realism, mysteryMy rating: 2/5Age: Adult / YA (I would say YA, but many on Goodreads say it’s adult. I disagree. But you can decide.) **Contains spoilers** I picked up this book based solely on the title. Felt like reading something light. I have mixed feelings. There are some magic realism bits, which…

Book Review: Chances Are by Matt Schofield

Genre: Indie, Suspense, ThrillerMy rating: 4/5Age: Adult Earlier this week, I bought a copy of indie author Matt Schofield’s Chances Are. I know Matt a little (as much as one can know another over an online writers’ forum), so I already had some idea what this book was going to be like, and yet it…