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Review: The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty by Amanda Filipacchi

Genre: Contemporary, magic(al) realism, mysteryMy rating: 2/5Age: Adult / YA (I would say YA, but many on Goodreads say it’s adult. I disagree. But you can decide.) **Contains spoilers** I picked up this book based solely on the title. Felt like reading something light. I have mixed feelings. There are some magic realism bits, which […]

Book Review: Chances Are by Matt Schofield

Genre: Indie, Suspense, ThrillerMy rating: 4/5Age: Adult Earlier this week, I bought a copy of indie author Matt Schofield’s Chances Are. I know Matt a little (as much as one can know another over an online writers’ forum), so I already had some idea what this book was going to be like, and yet it […]