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Couple at dusk watching the tail of the sunset.
Photo by Charlie Hang on Unsplash

This poem took quite a few versions to be done… and you know what they say (and by ‘they’ I do mean Paul Valéry): A poem is never finished– only abandoned. I don’t like to think I’ve abandoned any of my poems, but I do need to move on.

I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating relationship with these words, though. I hope you do, too.

stars beneath fingertips, sun between hips

magic uncovering tenderest lips

you merely searching for someone who searched for you

I making peace with past challenges I once knew

words pass by touch, others out loud

share fear with me and I’ll show you my doubt

but wait– what’s this weakness? who’ve I become?

why do I yearn for you always at home?

why can’t I leave you? why can’t I let go?

time slipped and I fell and I’m moving to slow

or I’m plummeting fast– on rapids I race

lost all control, heart breaking pace

if I keep fighting I’ll snap in this tide

flooding my lungs, against rocks collide

or I’ll soften, I’ll loosen, I’ll join water’s dance

moon’s pull, once violent, will gently advance

no more resistance, love’s always been in me

no more denial, you’re always my safety

I’ll cleanse you with warmth when night lessens day’s splendor

drink my affection, accept my surrender.

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