Cocoa Beach, FL 2022: Space Coast Marathon

Seagulls on the beach in Cocoa beach, Florida

I ran a marathon! My sixth full marathon, three of which I ran pre-2020 and one I ran early 2020. For my sixth, I chose the Space Coast Marathon in Cocoa Beach, which is a few miles from Florida’s Cape Canaveral. Hence the ‘Space Coast’ in the name.

This was my third time running this course, and it was as beautiful as I remembered it, albeit the ending is less of a headache for the race coordinators and equally less inspirational to runners. I spent 15 minutes in the race encouraging Jamal, a first time marathoner who hit a mental wall at mile 20, that the finish was worth the pain. I talked up the victory lap in the park, only to discover we weren’t routed that way anymore. Sad day.

But oh was I still smiling and loving life when I crossed that line. I’m telling y’all, there is very little sweeter than subjecting yourself to the torture of a marathon for the sanctification of your physical body and crossing that line knowing you won. Your mind beat your body at a game of willpower.

Loved walking on the beach with my twin as well. We strolled through Cocoa Beach the day before, enjoyed the race expo, and savored some excellent sushi at Nosh.

We found a magical path to the beach. Of course, thousands of these exist all along the Florida coast.
My twin is just as excited to be here as I am.
What is Cocoa Beach without seagulls scavenging and cruise ships leaving and returning to Port Canaveral?
Quick, let’s take a selfie.
Syndal crossing the Space Coast Marathon finish line.
I was so happy to cross that finish line. 26.2 miles (42.125 km) is a LONG time to run.

And that’s where I was over the weekend. Here’s to a fabulous 30th year filled with reading, writing, running, and traveling.

Oh. Happy December, all 🙂

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