Well… I promised some and you’ve received some creativity in November. I’ve been a bit stretched for time this month, with wrapping up my final class, working, beta reading, and preparing for the Space Coast Marathon I ran last Sunday. Somehow, Thanksgiving occurred in the mix and everything was delicious. It’s been a bit of a blur, really.

Added much more to my WIP, the second book in my dark fantasy series, than I wrote for this blog. Sometimes that happens. No complete short stories came to fruition, but I do have some poems for y’all.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say.
Forgetting panic and pain until
Only good persists.

Proximity makes the heart remember
Reviving hate and heartache until
Only awful remains


Teaches us to resist
To speak
To act out love
To require love
To expect others to treat us as
Our full self, whole self—
Worth time, energy, respect—

Never to be trampled under the façade of concern that
Compels conformity

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