depression is

Depression is dark dark dark. Exhaustion. Sadness. An urge to kill yourself and relieve the world of the burden of you. Never forget it. Check in on your friends. Don’t be the one to say “I never thought…. ” Think.

To those who fight depression: I see you. I feel you. You are not alone.

My mind is a stemless wine glass.
More resilient, they said.
Less breakable.
But it has shattered.

When crystal breaks, can it be made new?
When I fall apart, can you make me whole?

They say when you’re sad you feel nothing.
But I feel the muzzle of a pistol in my mouth.

Depression is the last pennon on a string at the circus.
All the rest have been torn away.
Now the circus is dead
and the field is trampled,
and I’m waiting waiting waiting
for the wind to set me free.

© Copyright by Syndal

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