Just an ode to inner demons and the beautiful woman in my life who calls me hers.

Demons live in my mind and
Under my skin and
In my words.
So, I write them.

Beauty steps from darkness
Over my madness
Despite my fear.
So, I write her.

First, sight.
See the way she moves
And speaks
And listens.
See her eyes, sad, offering joy.
See her lips, parted, sharing secrets.
She is mine to see.

Second, touch.
Feel her skin when it meets mine
Presses to mine
Molds to mine.
Feel the arc of her shoulders.
Feel the certainty of her will.
She is mine to feel.

Third, taste.
She is mine to taste.

Fourth, know.
Know her love her fears her anger.
Fight with her.
Yell at her.
This, too, I must know–
Admission, repentance, forgiveness, peace.
She is mine to know.

Fifth, be.
At dawn and dusk, beginning and end.
Through storms.
Across oceans.
In darkness. In madness. In renewal.
Vulnerable together, indomitable to the world.
Be with me always.

© Copyright by Syndal

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