walk with me

So often we think in terms of opposites–dark and light, black and white, good and bad. I like to subvert these expectations. Not necessarily to flip them, but instead accept both as necessary parts of a beautiful balance. Call me a hippie or whatever. That me 🙂

Everything comes in twos.
Me and you, dark and light
Wake with me as day ends
Walk with me into the night.

Trek through grasses, reaching high
Crystals tremble on tongues of green.
Push through branches, stretching low
Grazing shirt sleeves and creatures unseen

Hear the owl, witness to all
Us, as we travel, and furry things.
Hear the bat, monster of dreams
Whose wings are velvet and in the night sings.

Before us, monarch of her realm,
The Queen of the Night unfurls her petals
Flower sprayed like spider legs
Once sun flees and darkness settles.

Feel the dampness in the air.
Webs of silk, filaments flutter
Tickle our arms and faces and necks
Thoughts of architects make us shudder.

Press on with me. Take my hand.
The moon reveals her face.
I love the night and treasure you.
Stay with me in this place.

© Copyright by Syndal

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