it is

Can we take a moment to appreciate love? Can I? Every other poet does it at least once, yea?

Ruthless like the hawk,
Perched on leaf-laced arms of
Time’s ancient masters.
None can resist her hunt.

Persistent like petunias,
Untamed, unashamed,
Pushing through cracks where
Cement block meets sidewalk.

Powerful like the ocean,
Who draws us toward her depths and
Returns to kiss our legs,
Bronzed by unrelenting summer.

Brilliant like the sun,
Rising beneath cloud banks
At dawn’s lid, disarming
Night with tongues of fire.

A breeze that whispers across yellow days.
The moon encircled in clouds’ embrace.
A bell in the distance, the pealing of springs.
What is our love like? So many things.

© Copyright by Syndal

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