one beautiful thing

Yes, sometimes I write poetry about / for my girlfriend. This is one of them.

Searching for
One certain thing
Out of curated smiles,
One real thing
Out of practiced faces—
Joy in eyes,
Though not hearts.
What will awaken me
From plagues
Of privilege and entitlement that,
Serpent-like, consume me?

Pausing to breathe
Under drenched eaves
Walls faded from long days,
Forgotten behind graffiti that
Destroys perfection to
Those behind filters and beside children
At parties and theme parks,
On cruises and beaches,
Whose every moment is post-worthy, share worthy.

Entering, I find
A thousand truths glisten in corners,
A thousand smiles start to bloom.
Not for the world—
This shelter called me.
The ground is holy.
Unclean, I won’t refuse mercy.

Kneeling, I discover peace.
Let me rest in this hidden place
Where water still laughs and nature still sings.
Let me dream in this sacred place
Where before me blazes one beautiful thing.

© Copyright by Syndal

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