Book Review: Chances Are by Matt Schofield

Genre: Indie, Suspense, Thriller
My rating: 4/5
Age: Adult

Earlier this week, I bought a copy of indie author Matt Schofield’s Chances Are. I know Matt a little (as much as one can know another over an online writers’ forum), so I already had some idea what this book was going to be like, and yet it still didn’t fail to surprise me.

The story follows Nev Sparrow, an eighteen-year-old recently graduated senior, who has it all. Well, almost. She’s a beauty queen, she’s an athlete, and she’s smart–smart enough to have received awards and a trip to DC.

The only thing she’s missing is three serial killers with her in their sights. Isn’t that what we’re all missing, though, at some point in our lives?

What are the chances, then, that these three serial killers, each with their own motive, select her as their next victim? And what are the chances that they all choose the same night to commit the murder? And what are the chances that her three strengths–smarts, strength, and beauty–match so perfectly to each of their weaknesses?

Well, anyone, statistician or not, will be able to tell you the odds are pretty low. Nev should worry more about a sharknado making it all the way to Chances, Colorado and devouring her family’s house.

And yet, the odds are there. So, of course, it happens.

Fear not, I haven’t spoiled anything. The back of the book says nearly the same thing.

When I started reading, I knew what the outcome would be. And yet, even with that knowledge, I still found myself rivetted. I finished the book much faster than I expected to because, halfway through, I had trouble putting it down.

Maybe it was Matt’s voice, which is sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek. Maybe it was the serial killers, whose POVs I found myself enjoying much more than I care to admit (oops, just admitted it).

Multiple times, I laughed out loud.

I gave this book 4/5 because, although the story was sound, there were some areas where the writing pulled me out of the story a bit. Some chapters could benefit from some tightening, word-wise.

I’ve already told Matt I now expect a serial killer romance novel. We’ll see if he delivers.

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    • I enjoyed it. Despite the premise, the tone is lighter than a lot of things I read. More humorous. Doesnt take itself too seriously.

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