You’re Here. So Am I…

Here you’ll find my nightmares, my fantasies.

Here you’ll find ambiguity, clarity.

Here you’ll find stories, poems, and thoughts of just one more wisp of thought in the whirlwind of humans passing through time.

Review: The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty by Amanda Filipacchi

Genre: Contemporary, magic(al) realism, mysteryMy rating: 2/5Age: Adult / YA (I would say YA, but many on Goodreads say it’s adult. I disagree. But you can decide.) **Contains spoilers** I picked up this book based solely on the title. Felt like reading something light. I have mixed feelings. There are some magic realism bits, which […]

A hare with its head turned partially toward the viewer.

The Rabbit

Yarelis was a rulebreaker; always had been and always would be—and all she wanted was to be promoted. She had been chosen to be one of the Rabbits, but as soon as the door of her cage swung open, she tore across the field and pushed off the ball of her foot like she used to when she was a high jumper, wrapping her arms around the lowest branch of a sycamore and pulling herself up.

hands typing on a laptop keyboard

Student’s Dilemma

In the past three months, I have added 130,000 words to my WIP, finishing the first draft. Additionally, I wrote a 154 page design document for a web application.